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Iceland is an island that is located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean. Whilst Iceland is not attached to a continent, it is usually thought to be Nordic European. Due to the fact that Iceland isn’t full of ice, some people think the name is puzzling. Just one tenth of Iceland is covered by glaciers, even with it being very mountainous. Iceland boasts many hot spots and the climate there is in reality quite nice which many people are often surprised by.

The amount of sunlight you get changes a lot throughout the months due to Iceland being close to the Arctic Circle, similar to Russia. Unlike Russia, in June, the sun only sets shortly and there is a lot of sunshine. In December, there are virtually twenty hours of darkness. Due to the winter being dark, most people will suggest that you visit during the summer. The midnight sun is one definite thing you’ll want to observe during the summer in Iceland. Travelling during the winter, however, will make for a much more reasonably priced holiday. Late and early winter have much lengthier daylight hours, and because it is the tourism off-season, you can always find a lot more modest prices. One of the great things about Iceland in the winter is the stunning sight of the snow coating everything outside.

What you really should see in Iceland

There are always a number of activities that you definitely must try, no matter where you go. The most well-known things to see and do are listed below.

The Blue Lagoon is the most famous thing to experience in Iceland. The Svartsengi geothermal power-plant produced this geothermal lagoon. Understood to assist those experiencing skin troubles, the Blue Lagoon can be found in Southwest Iceland.

The Gullfoss waterfall is a 32 meter double waterfall that you absolutely can’t miss if you journey to Iceland. Pingbellir Park is a wonderful national park that is moreover a UNESCO world heritage location. The park generally experiences good weather conditions and is celebrated as a weather haven.

During the cold months in Iceland, you will probably want to get away from the city in an effort to witness the magnificent Northern Lights. The majority of people haven’t seen the Northern Lights, even though many have been told about them. You can get the chance to enjoy this striking event by going on a holiday to Iceland.

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