what to expect in iceland

The elements in Iceland are severely unpredictable and it’s even more noticeable when the winter comes. It’s often not possible to be certain about what the weather will end up like from one moment to the next. There could very well be snow, sun or even rain. It is hard to pick out ideal clothing due to the indeterminable weather. Swift changes will happen and it is smart to be ready for that to happen. The Northern Lights, also named the Aurora Borealis, are signaled by the coming of winter in Iceland. These lights are magnificent and fluctuate from green to pink as they flicker and fly across the sky. Unfortunately, a stormy sky can lessen your chance to view the lights. Again, the winter weather in Iceland is rather volatile so it could be difficult to determine the best moment to view the Northern Lights. The Icelandic Road Administration produces a lot of the most accurate and trusted info pertaining to the daily weather conditions in Iceland.

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